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Our mission is for each and every one of our clients to look and feel beautiful, and we are dedicated to helping you find hair that you love.

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Wig reviews are crucial in our industry and can make all the difference in the world to someone needing to buy the right wig the first time. Reviews from real customers – like you – help create trust and confidence in wig products and help others choose and buy a wig confidently.


Email [email protected] with photo of you feeling beautiful in your Elly-K wig and 1-2 sentences about your wig and experience with Elly-K. When we upload your picture here, a 25% off voucher code will be emailed to you for your next order! ❤️

  • The photo should be of you wearing your favorite Elly-K wig, topper or hairpiece that showcases your own style. Just tell us what model you are wearing and in what colour.
  • If the photo is too small or poor quality for us to accept, we will send you an email to let you know.
Mariannes Eclat womens wig review by Ellen Wille

Marianne’s “Eclat” wig by Ellen Wille

“My new Ellen Wille ‘Eclat’ in Sandy Blonde Rooted. I was a little worried with the rooting being much lighter than I anticipated however I think I can definitely work with it. The wig itself is stunning, so comfortable and beautiful soft fibres. Very happy with the ordering process too. Thank you! ”

– Marianne
Francesca in Ellen Wille Spa wig

Francesca’s “Spa” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is Ellen Wille Spa, in Champagne Rooted. It has become one of my favorites, as it is light and cool. I am very grateful for the patience and quick feedback from the staff at Elly-K, it has made a big difference!”

– Francesca

Candace Henry Margu wig review by Kylie

Kylie’s “Candace” wig by Henry Margu

“Just wanting to share my Candace wig by Henry Margu in the colour 10/613GR. She’s an absolute dream. Really low density wig with a centrepart that frames my face so well. I always feel fabulous when I wear her. Purchased at Elly-K wigs – such great customer service and I love how they include a wide tooth comb and a hairnet with the wig – it’s the little things that make buying a wig a wonderful experience.”

– Kylie


Kim’s “Xenita” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is my first human hair wig from Ellen Wille called “Xenita” (in “Chocolate Mix” colour) and it will always hold so much sentimental value even after 2+ years of wear. I was so fortunate that I found the right information and resources to guide me through the toughest times and navigating my online purchase. No one knows why a mono top is better in the beginning of hairloss, or the importance of cap construction… all you know is you urgently need to cover the balding and look like your old self in the mirror again. The value of this wig that I purchased from Elly-K is truly unfathomable.”

– Kim, Sydney

Vicki in Dance by Ellen Wille

Vicki’s “Dance” wig by Ellen Wille

“A great hair day makes me feel like dancing! Every day is a good hair day with DANCE (Ellen Wille – Sandy Blonde Rooted). It’s a little bit flapper and a little bit flirty… and all you need to add is a wicked smile. Thanks Elly-K team for the great hair, prompt response and honest service.”

– Vicki, Sydney

Nicole in Miami by Raquel Welch

Nicole’s “Miami” wig by Raquel Welch

“After losing my hair, the Miami wig makes me feel a bit more me. The colour, cut and comfort are spot on, I couldn’t be happier.” Nicole is wearing the “Miami” Synthetic wig (Mono Crow) by Raquel Welch in colour Sandy Blonde Rooted.

– Nicole
Rachel in Turn by Ellen Wille

Rachel’s “Turn” wig by Ellen Wille

“Here is my Ellen Willie Turn hairpiece. It is my everyday wig and I will be purchasing again. Soooo easy to wear. Effortless style. I am receiving lots of compliments!”

– Rachel

Annelie’s “Flirt” wig by Ellen Wille

“Every woman likes to “FLIRT” a little! Today I’m wearing an Ellen Wille called “Flirt”, a synthetic wig in the colour “Pearl Rooted”. She’s another super comfortable cap for me, good for a petite/average size head. She’s such a light density wig, another fabulous daily style. I’m totally in love with this colour, I think Ellen Wille has done an outstanding job on getting the colour right. Not shiny and these fibers feel very realistic.”

– Annelie, Melbourne

Hazel in Ellen Wille - Winner Wig

Hazel’s “Winner” wig by Ellen Wille

“Here I am in my Ellen Wille Winner in champagne rooted. The colour has worked wonderfully in lifting my face & the short style is perfect, it’s so easy to manage. Many thanks.”

– Hazel

Gina’s “Candace” wig by Henry Margu

“My beautiful Candace by Henry Margu wig arrived. Love it.”

– Gina, New South Wales

Sarah’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is the Drive by Ellen Wille in Pearl blonde rooted. She is light weight, natural density and a perfect colour. This is my go-to wig because she is beautiful and easy to wear. 100/100 recommend!!! I’m definitely going to purchase a 2nd… and third. I highly recommend Elly-K for beautiful wigs and awesome customer service.”

– Sarah

Kellie in Girl Mono wig by Ellen Wille

Kellie’s “Girl Mono” wig by Ellen Wille

“Thank you for this lovely wig. Having had chemo I was struggling with my hair loss and I was not looking forward to going back to work or to any functions. I’ve always wanted wavy hair and now I have it!” Kellie is wearing Girl Mono by Ellen Wille in Champagne Rooted.

– Kellie


Vicki’s “City” wig by Ellen Wille

“I have been wearing wigs for almost 14 years,  when alopecia changed my life. During this time I tried all websites, shops, salons and manufacturers under the sun and across the globe. I had some good experiences but also some real life nightmares along the way. Elly-K went above and beyond to find the color and the style I wanted. I recommend Elly-K with all my heart they are the best experience I’ve had in 14 years! Thank you for all your help making my wig buying a celebration! Pictured here wearing “City” by Ellen Wille.”

– Vicki

Annelie in Lucky Hi wig

Annelie’s “Lucky Hi” wig by Henry Margu

Pictured here wearing the ‘Lucky Hi’ synthetic lace front wig by Ellen Wille, in Pearl Blonde Rooted colour.

– Annelie

Jesse James customer wearing Steven Sports mens wig by Ellen Wille

Jesse-James’ “Steven” wig by Ellen Wille

“I have alopecia universalis which means I don’t have hair anywhere on my body, including eyebrows & lashes. It’s so hard to find realistic wigs for teenage boys that are long in the front to hide my non-existent eyebrows but my Mum found your website & saw some men’s styles on sale so took the chance & ordered for my 15th birthday this Ellen Wille Hair Mania men’s synthetic wig in style Steven/colour M36S. We decided it looked better on me worn backwards but the quality is so real. I’m already looking at ordering the Brian style in a similar colour without the grey.”

– Jesse-James, Perth

Eclat by Ellen Wille wig review by Taylor

Taylor’s “Eclat” wig by Ellen Wille

“Love, love love love this wig. It’s elegant and chic and very trendy. The cap is amazingly comfortable and you can barely feel you have a wig on. It is so natural looking, people are stopping me and asking where I got my hair done. I feel very glamorous wearing Eclat and she is worth the money in my opinion. The lace front is undetectable. The colour I chose is Pearl Blonde Rooted which is a stunning mix of blonde shades highlighted with platinum which brightens it and looks like that fresh salon look. For those of you who know your colours it is almost identical to Jon Renau Palm Springs Blonde with a touch more platinum.”

– Taylor, Australia

Elizabeth Ellen Wille Golf wig customer

Elizabeth’s “Golf” wig by Ellen Wille

“Love my Ellen Wille wig in Golf /pearl blonde it’s so comfy and easy to wear.”

– Elizabeth

Sarah in Arrow by Ellen Wille

Sarah’s “Arrow” wig by Ellen Wille

“A while back I purchased a Ellen Wille Arrow in Champagne rooted from Elly-K. OMG love her!!! This is her with some toner spray to tame the golden highlights. Arrow is amazing.”

– Sarah

Kylie’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

“She arrived today and I’m in love! I’m so wanting more Ellen Wille wigs now! Total convert!!”
Kylie is wearing the “Drive” synthetic wig (Lace Front) by Ellen Wille in colour Bernstein Rooted.

– Kylie
Sarah in Ellen Wille Cloud

Sarah’s “Cloud” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is Cloud from Ellen Wille in Lilac Haze. This is my cute boho look I did for Summer and I am in love!!! Thank you Elly-K xxxx”

– Sarah

Gabrienne in Java by Ellen Wille

Gabrienne’s “Java” wig by Ellen Wille

“I recently purchased Java by Ellen Wille in Platin Blonde Rooted from you guys, and it’s so easy to style & I get so many compliments on it. Thanks!”

– Gabrienne
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