Monofilament Top Wigs

Our collection of monofilament top wigs provides the perfect solution for women looking for a natural-looking wig that is also comfortable to wear. Monofilament wigs feature a sheer mesh top that mimics the look of a natural scalp, allowing hair to be parted in any direction. Our monofilament wigs are available in various styles, including those with a monofilament parting only, a monofilament crown only, or a full monofilament top. These wigs are also soft and silky inside the cap, reducing irritation against the scalp, which is especially important for those undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing hair loss.

At Elly-K, we understand that buying a wig can be a sensitive and personal experience. We offer thorough sales and customer support for those needing a bit of extra guidance, as well as AfterPay, Laybuy & Zip options, free shipping over $150 and easy returns. more

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