Christine Headwear and Ellen Wille Headwear

At Elly-K you will find a high-quality selection of headwear by Christine Headwear and Ellen Wille.

Our collection of hats, turbans, sleeping caps, bamboo hats provides endless options for cancer patients and women with hair loss. They are designed to provide full head coverage, eliminating the need for additional liners or headbands to conceal the hairline.
Our headwear range is sewn with minimal seams to provide a comfortable fit that comforts even the most sensitive scalps. It also provides a secure and deeper fit and is much more comfortable than traditional headwear. Christine and Ellen Wille Headwear is a range of European designed headwear products made to provide women with a real choice in hair coverings, and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time.
Although our hats were created for women who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer, or other conditions, anyone who appreciates high-quality headwear, comfort, and fashionable styles will find our hats, turbans, sleeping caps an ideal fit.

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