The United wig is a chin length razored shaggy bob. So soft and dare I say fluffy?

I know one doesn’t usually describe wig hair fibers as fluffy but this hair looks…feels…. and behaves like real hair. The fibers are so baby fine and so soft. This is the closest to my own bio hair that I have found. They are silky smooth. The density of this wig in not overwhelming, again making it feel like natural hair.I am thrilled with the quality and realism of this wig and the Monofilament part creates the illusions of natural hair growth at the part.

The United has a 100% hand tied monofilament side part as well as 100% hand tied lace front, both of these elements make this wig look very realistic. The specs are front 7″, crown 8.5″, sides 5.5″ and a nape of 5.0″, she weighs only 4 oz.

Even up close you cannot tell this is a wig. This is hands down the best most realistic lace front I have ever seen. What I found very interesting about this lace front is that there was no extra lace along the front edge. It was trimmed right up to where the knots began. Very impressive.

With such baby fine hair, I had the odd fly ways hair. A little styling silicone spray on my hands….pat them down …works very nicely.

As with most wigs this one came with a shine. The shine is not strong, so its fine for me but if it was I would handle that by spaying it with dry shampoo, it works great!

I love this style its so flattering. I have an oblong but “full” face and the density and feathery layers of United hug my face in all the right places. The wispy ends add to the realism and movement of this wig. I highly recommend both this color and style together…. just perfect…ENJOY!