Why Do We Love Bob Wigs?

Bob style wigs have been popular for decades, and despite changes in fashion and hair trends over the years, the bob has remained a tried and trusted style that has become a go-to for many women in Australia. Bobs are a flattering style for everyone, regardless of face shape, age and style. Bobs give the ultimate classic chic look, and are particularly lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst keeping your neck and shoulders cool in the Summer heat.

See our short hair and bob style wigs we have available here in Australia.

All of our wigs feature high quality hair that’s easy to maintain and lightweight on the head, handcrafted to ensure they’re completely undetectable and 100% comfortable:

What Types of Bob Wigs Are There?

There are many types of bob wig styles to choose from that all frame the face well and give an effortless, polished look. Here are the most popular types of bob wigs available today:

A-Line bob

A typical bob style cut where the hair is slightly longer at the front.

Chin bob

Chin length hair that is the same length around the head.

Graduated or Inverted bob

Similar to an A-Line bob but with longer layering and texture at the back.


A shoulder-length or ‘long’ bob.

Shaggy, Textured or Messy bob

Short or medium length bob style with a layered, messy texture.

Here are some of our most popular bob wigs worn by customers in Australia. You can also browse our bob wigs that are available to buy online.

Popular Bob Styles – Elly-K Wigs Australia

Fresh – Ellen Wille

Fresh by Ellen Wille is an extremely versatile, shaggy and natural bob style. Its hand knotted monofilament part means the parting can be easily changed to update its look. The swept front layers frame the face, while the back strands are cut short and tapered.

Star – Ellen Wille

Star by Ellen Wille’s Hair Society Luxury Class Collection is completely handmade, giving you a totally natural look and fantastic quality wig. It features a lightweight cap with beautiful lace front construction for a virtually undetectable hairline.

Ellen Wille – Blues

Blues by Ellen Wille is a feathery, chin-length bob with a beautiful full fringe and layered nape that gives perfect texture and movement. It has an open weft cap construction and monofilament crown which means it is very soft on the scalp; perfect for women with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy.

If you need any help researching, choosing or buying a wig please get in touch with us – we are more than happy to help.