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Synthetic fibre wigs are a cost effective option when it comes to hair replacement systems. Their great price point means that you can often afford to purchase more than one wig in different styles or colours. A great feature of traditional synthetic wigs is that they come pre-styled so they can literally be unboxed and worn. However, some customers prefer the flexibility of being able to restyle a wig themselves. This was not always possible with synthetic fibre wigs as the fibres could melt under high temperatures.

We are excited to announce that Elly-K has a good range of revolutionary heat friendly synthetic fibre wigs available to purchase. These wigs are made from premium synthetic high heat fibre and offer the option to restyle over and over again, using heated tools. Below is advice for styling and washing heat friendly synthetic wigs. Please refer to the instructions that suit your model below – whether it’s a regular Heat Friendly Synthetic Wig, or a High Heat Synthetic Blend Wig, as these have different guidelines:

Styling Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs

These rules apply to heat friendly synthetic wig models such as Ellen Wille’s Drive – Perucci Collection (not high heat synthetic blend wigs):

  • You can style heat friendly synthetic wigs in wet conditions at 130 degrees maximum with straighteners and curlers.
  • Only style the heat friendly synthetic models under WET conditions. If you style the wig in dry conditions, you will ruin the fibre. So, 130 degrees when the wig is very wet!
  • Stays styled up to 3 washes

Styling High Heat Synthetic Human Hair Blend Wigs

These rules apply to high heat synthetic human hair blend wig models such as the Ellen Wille Prime Power Collection (the Prime Hair is a revolutionary blend of pure human hair enhanced with premium heat-friendly synthetic hair):

  • Style when the wig is DRY (contrary to the heat-friendly synthetic wigs) at 150 degrees maximum.
  • The styling will last 2 to 3 washes

Now you can have the ease of a ready to wear Heat Friendly Synthetic or High Heat Synthetic Human Hair Blend wig, with the option to restyle to your heart’s content!

How to Wash Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs

To ensure you get the most from your heat friendly synthetic wig it is important that you wash it in a particular way. This will ensure its longevity.  You should follow a slightly different process than for a traditional synthetic fibre wig.

The steps below explain the best way to wash your high heat fibre hair wig:

  • Add a hazelnut-sized amount of Ellen Wille synthetic hair shampoo to about one litre of lukewarm water.
  • Shake the heat-resistant wig gently before placing it in the water bath with the synthetic hair shampoo.
  • Leave the heat-resistant wig or hairpiece in the shampoo bath for about 10 minutes. The synthetic hair shampoo is self-cleaning. Please never rub or wring the hair!
  • Rinse the heat-resistant fibre with clear, lukewarm water after about 10 minutes. Remember, do not rub or wring!
  • To maintain the hair structure and keep the heat-resistant fibre soft and supple, we recommend a second rinse with Ellen Wille synthetic hair balm.
  • Add a little of the Ellen Wille Synthetic Hair Balm to a new, freshwater bath and let it work for another 10 minutes. Rinse the wig or hairpiece thoroughly and let it air-dry.
  • Important: Please never rub your high heat-resistant wig or hairpiece dry with a towel. You can, however, carefully comb them with a soft, nubbed brush. After air drying, the wig or hairpiece will return to its original shape on its own.

If you would like any more information about wigs please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our friendly team at one of our stores located throughout Australia.