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Natural looking wig guide

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Natural Looking Wig


Wigs have become a popular and stylish solution for those seeking versatility and confidence in their hair. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss, looking for a quick style change, or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, finding a natural-looking wig is essential. Wigs available today are very unlike the wigs of the past that looked unnatural and uncomfortable, but there’s still some key things to consider when choosing a wig that perfectly complements your style and provides a seamless, natural appearance.


Determine Your Preferred Wig Material

When it comes to natural-looking wigs, two main options are available: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs offer the most realistic look and feel, allowing for greater versatility in styling. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are more affordable, require less maintenance, and often come pre-styled. Consider your budget, lifestyle, and desired level of customization to decide which material suits you best. You may also choose a human/synthetic blend, or a synthetic heat friendly wig.


Select the Right Wig Cap Construction

The cap construction of a wig plays a crucial role in achieving a natural look. Common cap types include lace front, monofilament, and hand-tied. Lace front wigs feature a sheer lace material along the hairline, creating a seamless blend with your natural scalp. Monofilament wigs offer a realistic appearance by simulating natural hair growth patterns. Hand-tied wigs provide the utmost comfort and natural movement as each hair strand is individually tied to the cap. Choose a cap construction that aligns with your preferences and desired level of realism. See our Cap Construction guide for further information.


Consider Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

To achieve a natural look, it’s essential to select a wig that flatters your face shape and complements your skin tone. For example, individuals with a round face shape may benefit from wigs with longer layers to create the illusion of length. Experiment with different styles and consult with a wig specialist to determine which options suit you best. Here’s a comprehensive guide on face shapes to hair styles that may also help.


Pay Attention to Color and Texture

Choosing the right color and texture is crucial for a natural-looking wig. Opt for colors that closely match your natural hair shade or experiment with shades that complement your complexion. Consider the texture as well, whether you prefer straight, wavy, or curly hair. Aim for a texture that closely resembles your natural hair or achieves the desired style you’re looking to achieve.


Choosing a natural-looking wig is an exciting journey that allows you to express your unique style and regain confidence in your appearance. By considering the wig material, cap construction, face shape, skin tone, color, and texture, you can find the perfect wig that seamlessly blends with your natural beauty. Remember to experiment with different options, but most importantly, embrace the opportunity to feel beautiful and empowered in your new wig.